Friday, January 8, 2016

Call For Pizza Led To Arrest Of “Affluenza Teen”

Authorities in Mexico have announced that a phone call placed to a local Domino's Pizza is what led to the arrest of the infamous “Affluenza Teen,” Ethan Couch and his mother, Tonya.

The 18-year-old was placed on probation in the state of Texas following a drunken driving crash that resulted in the deaths of four people. Couch became notorious for his “affluenza” defense, which meant that he was too spoiled and/or rich to truly understand the consequences of his actions. He and his mother fled the Untied States for Mexico as authorities were investigating whether or not Couch had violated the terms of his probation.

Local police reports state that the Couches used one of their phones to order pizza for a condo in the popular Puerto Vallarta beach resort city. Authorities were tipped by a U.S. Marshals service agent regarding the actual location of the phone that was being used.

Neither Couch nor his mother were at the condo in question; however, agents were able to learn of their new location, which ultimately led to their capture and detainment.