Thursday, July 7, 2016

Harris County DWI Attorney - Help to solve courtroom problems

DWI is an opinion crime. One police officer who claims he sees red, glassy eyes, hears slurred speech and smells the odor of alcohol can take you to jail. Someone who just met you and knows nothing about where you have been, whether you have allergy problems, what kind of medical issues you have, the way you talk and whether you drank any alcohol that day, let alone how much, can take away your freedom. You could end up with more time in jail, having to pay thousands of dollars in fines with your drivers license suspended and a criminal conviction on your record for the rest of your life without an attorney that knows how to defend a DWI, DUI or other alcohol related offense. An arrest, conviction or even dismissal of a DWI can radically change your life. You could lose your job, miss out on future employment opportunities or get evicted from your home. At the Law Office of Collin Evans we understand that your case creates problems outside the courtroom and work hard to help you solve them.

Who Needs a Houston Expungement Lawyer? Car Thieves & Pantless Drunk Teachers

In Montgomery County, Texas the local investigators have a message for all of us. Lock your vehicles doors! A major car theft ring has finally been busted. The accused are three juveniles and three adults. What was the commonality among these crimes? They all involved unlocked vehicles. If you live in the area and think that some of the found stolen items belongs to you, contact the Sheriff's Department here .

Payment Plans Available For A Clear My Criminal Record in Houston Lawyer/Attorney

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